The Firm’s Business

The boutique litigation firm of Gura PLLC aims to provide businesses, associations, and individuals with decisive representation before the United States Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals throughout the country. The firm works to preserve or reverse trial or lower appellate court outcomes, and represents amici curiae (friends of the court) who wish to enhance a court’s understanding of a dispute by adding perspectives undeveloped by the parties. The firm also designs and initiates strategic litigation in the trial courts, and is often retained to help resolve complex, high stakes constitutional disputes.

While the firm’s practice is limited to appellate and strategic litigation, it is not limited by subject matter. Arguing appeals and prosecuting public impact litigation are discreet fields of practice, but they are employed generally to advance clients’ interests. The firm represents clients who require appellate representation or wish to initiate strategic litigation on a broad range of subjects. The firm endeavors to make America a better place through litigation, seeking results that maximize individual freedom and limit harmful government interference with human potential.

The firm’s principal, Alan Gura, has argued and won landmark constitutional cases before the United States Supreme Court. Named among the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America by the National Law Journal in 2013, Gura has also argued cases before ten federal courts of appeals and numerous federal district courts throughout the country. Gura regularly lectures and debates at law schools and continuing legal education seminars about legal issues of current interest. Gura also teaches strategic litigation as an adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University, and is proud to have litigated the demise of various unconstitutional statutes and ordinances.